Shaw or Gill. Who’s Apt for test cricket?
Shaw or Gill. Who’s Apt for test cricket?

Shaw or Gill. Who’s Apt for test cricket?

The U-19 world cup winning Captain of India in 2018, Prithvi Shaw and the rising star-batsmen Shubman Gill have both impressed with there skill and ability. But Prithvi Shaw who played the 1st test match at Adelaide didn’t seem comfortable in playing fuller length deliveries and ended up having hit onto the stumps. Experts pointed out a technical flaw in his stance and back-lift which caused such dismissals. But that doesn’t define him completely as a player as he is is the youngest to score a hundred on test debut.

Shubman Gill has impressed many with his stroke play and temperament on the field against the mighty pace attack of Australia in this series. He looked very comfortable in playing his shots and got good starts with early 40s and scored his maiden test 50 in the last game.

So who’s more Apt?

Well it would be unfair to say one is better than the other as both of them are talented and Good. But Right now the fact is that shubman has played his 1st series and it’s not hidden that he has performed better when he was given an oppurtunity.

Shaw needs to get Back into the nets and get his basis right once again which is costing him these oppurtunities at the moment. Once it is set right we may see both of them becoming the pillars of Indian batting in future.

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