Top 10 Batsmen vs CSK at Home in the IPL
Top 10 Batsmen vs CSK at Home in the IPL

Top 10 Batsmen vs CSK at Home in the IPL

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are one of the most successful IPL franchises. The MS Dhoni-led franchise has had a very convincing run in almost every season of the world’s toughest T20 league. With 15 seasons concluding until May 2022, the 16th would commence with just one fervor, and that is victory!

There have been many great batsmen across the teams over the years; we’ve seen young stars demonstrate their grit shoulder to shoulder and sometimes versus the best in the world. Some of the stars, like Devdutt Padikkal, who kicked off his IPL journey with the RCB, is some of the best examples.  On the contrary, we’ve seen some players who have come out to be a  big obstacle against certain teams, and they repeatedly have those impactful and power-packed performances. For instance, Virat Kohli is a perfect fit for the statement, as he is one of the finest when playing against CSK.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 batsmen who have made the most of their opportunities while playing against the Chennai Super Kings [CSK] in Chennai. We’ll look at the best batsmen in each phase of the game against CSK in Chennai.

1. Power Play (0-6 overs):

This is a phase where strike-rate and Ball per Boundary (BPB)  matter a lot. Higher the Strike-Rate and Lower the BP,the better it is for a batsman amd the team in the powerplay. This holds even more importance when we have turning tracks like the one in Chennai and against CSK, a side whose quality of bowling has raised the bar over the years.

2. Middle Overs (7-15 overs):

This is a phase in which anchoring from one end is required in order to score a significant number of runs in the middle overs. Even if the strike rate is low, it has no effect because death overs compensate for the strike rate. The most important parameter is Balls  Per Dismissal ( the BPD), Higher will be the chances to score more in the Middle overs and set the tone to Compensate for the Strike-rate and score huge amount of runs in the Death over as well. 

3. Death Overs (overs 16–20):

This is most likely the most important phase in a T20 match because, as a team, the start may not have been good or the loss of wickets in the middle overs may have impacted the innings, but if the finish is decent enough, it allows for a fight while defending and can even result in a loss while chasing. Again, this phase is like the powerplay, where the strike rate has the most impact along with the least number of balls per boundary (BPB). In one word, this phase requires a very good finisher for the team.


The list of batsmen is not ranked, as this is an unordered list of players who have been the best performers in the respective phases of T20 innings against CSK in Chennai.

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